Chepstow Castle

We had a fab day out around Chepstow castle, it's HUGE and I was amazed at how much of it had survived. The stone work was beautiful and I can only imagine what it must have been like when it was complete and full of feasting and people. And the last one is me and the Bump! Getting bigger everyday now - only 7 weeks to go!!!

Now THIS is glamping!

The inside of the yurt was just as cute as the outside! And SO cosy! The walls are lined with wool felt which keeps it lovely and warm when its cold outside and nice and cool when hot. The top photo shows the wood burner in the middle with baskets of kindling and logs, we worked out that if we got it toasty in the evening, and then threw another few large logs in and turned the airflow down it would keep the fire going all night and we could re start it again in the morning. You can also see the skylight in the centre, which meant there was plenty of light in there and you could fall asleep looking at the stars and wake up looking at the clouds floating by, idyllic! There was a king size bed, and then a large mongolian day bed / sofa and two single futons, and lots of lovely extras like little painted tables, solar powered fairy lights, and lanterns for tea lights, it was just the most cosy and adorable place to hang out in!

You're 8 months pregnant and you stayed WHERE on holiday???

 The husband is a big fan of camping, and has been trying to persuade me for ages to at least try it, but I have had many many reservations about the whole experience! So we decided to try a first tentative step into  camping by going yurting, which is really more "glamping" than camping I think! A yurt is one of the oldest portable dwellings in the world, and is essential a lattice wall supporting roof struts, covered in wool felt and then canvas, so kind of a tent!? We found a fabulous yurt site in the Wye Valley, on the border between England and Wales, which was just idyllic!! Here's a few outside shots, our yurt is the green one at the top, and then there are some more shots of the rest of the yurts, and the tented dining table by the campfire, wood burning pizza oven and BBQ's. To be honest I just didn't want to leave! More shots tomorrow showing the cosy inside :) 

Life gets in the way of blogging!?

Wow it feels so weird to post on here!? How did I get from posting daily to dropping to weekly, to sporadically and then not at all? Answer in my case is a mixture of blogging blues and a whole raft of life changing events coming one after the after (and in some cases at the same time!) In the last 7 months, I have planned a wedding & honeymoon (mine!) got married, got pregnant, and got a new job! I am so lucky to have been able to achieve all of these in such a short space of time! But at the same time, MAN my head is in a whirl! I didn't have the most "user friendly" pregnancy to start with, with 24/7 nausea for about 4 months and then just the usual pregnancy tiredness symptoms kicked in. I feel like all I have done for most of the last 7 months is work, and come home and sleep :( BUT surprisingly although I am now only 7 weeks to go til I am due to give birth (here's me and the bump last week above!) I have had a bit of an energy upswing, I have picked up my camera for the first time this year while on holiday last week and thought I'd venture back to Blogger and see if I can remember how to attach a photo! Lets see if I can keep it UP!!