7/365 - My new kit!

It's been a LONG time since i had an SLR, i did 2 years at Photography college after my A Levels, and used to have a Billingham bag the size of a suitcase for all my gear, then when i decided to ditch my first year of Photojournalism college and go into Sales, i let go of all photography too, and eventually sold it all. My trip to Iceland in February and the thoughtful purchase of a set of books on digital photography by my better and more wonderful half re ignited my interest, and i thought "if a job's worth doing..." and so invested some of the old "hard earned" in this cute little baby! I love it already, it's so small, light and easy to use, the 80 - 150mm lens, which at four thirds is equivalent to a 160 - 300mm in 35mm terms, is less heavy than my mobile phone, and the quality is outstanding. Just waiting for my retro brown leather Olympus Pen Camera bag, and then i really am fully kitted out. although i would be lying if i said i didn't already have a list of "necessary" photographic purchase lined up in my head..... :)

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