What have I been doing???

So I expect I have lost ALOT of followers over the last 3 months - I mean where have I been and WHAT have I been doing? Well the picture above - admittedly not taken BY me, but of me, gives the answer! I have been growing a little person!! It's been a rollercoaster of a few months, and I have been one of the unlucky 80% of women who have REALLY suffered with morning sickness. Which by the way is a total lie, there is no "morning" about it in my experience, try 24hrs a day 7 days a week nausea for 9 weeks. I have literally only left the house to go to work, and some days even that was impossible, and apparently by what I see of others ladies experiences, I have had it easy in comparison to how bad it can be!! So days have been surviving work, getting home, getting in bed, and weekends have been sleep, rest, bed. I haven't touched a camera in 3 months, and just posting this, I couldn't remember how to upload a photo!!! But I am gradually coming through and out the other side, and am desperate to get some creative input back into my life, so I don't really think the rest of this year will progress with the 365 project I had planned, but I promise to be back and posting now as often as I can! Sorry for being away so long, I hope someone out there is still keeping me on their blogroll!!