126/365 Really??

I mean i should be glad I GOT a courtesy car right? as opposed to terminally embarrassed to have to drive this to work tomorrow???

125/365 A sight i did not want to photograph on my way home from work

Nothing like a nice drive home, clouds of black smoke billowing up from under the car, other drivers waving you off the road with faces of fury is there? *sigh*

124/365 Abstract with some grass!

123/365 Reservoir Berks?

When I see him coming home from work like this....

I think this....

And hear this...

122/365 Summer and feeeeeeeling GOOD!

Finally we get a summer in England! Finally I feel better after 6 days "taking to my bed"! If that doesn't mean time for a little hair restyle then DANG I don't know what does...

121/365 In desperate need of a bit of dress up!

After 6 days in nothing but pajamas I needed to put on some clothes, shoes, make up and lipstick like NOW! So I set up a silly 50's housewife photo shoot while I pinned up my hair and waited for it to dry and then showed off how long my hair now is in my garden! (loooongest ever! woo!) I am still on the long and twisty road to recovery health wise, I now a feel like i have the flu, as opposed to swallowing razor blades and being unable to breath! Result! .... erm...... Hey at this stage I will take any improvement for the better as great news!

P.S. I seriously <3 these new wedges SO much!

120/365 In my garden

I first saw this grass at my Mum's house and loved it! It's called Quaking Grass, what an awesome name! She gave me a handful of seeds to sow in my garden and a year later voila! The graceful nodding heads of the subtly coloured flowers are so adorable, and look like tiny lanterns. In the garden these nod gently in the breeze and look great grown in groups. And best news for me, they self seed and grow without any need for attention at all! In other news, i have woken up feeling slightly better AT LAST! i will LIVE to fight another day!! whoooooooooop!

119/365 My office, not that i even remember where that IS now!

I have now been off work for 4 days with this horrendous tonsillitis, I am MISSING my little cubicle, and thought I would remind myself what it looks like. I have never had this much time off from school / work anything! MAN I am getting irritated now! The top one is my "corner office" as I like to call it, not one for someone with a fear of heights, as I can see all the way down to the cafe at the bottom of the 3 floors, and also across the glass atrium and into other peoples offices! Super cool for spying on people, less good for being spied on - i.e. people often stand on the 3rd floor balcony and call me from their mobile, watching me look at the number flashing up on my phone while deciding whether to screen them or not! haha i often get busted!! *grin* 

Number 2 is a close up of my desk, minimalist to say the least! Just my PC and screen, an ioniser and photos of my gorgeous BF (and of course all my "glassware" which is just to the left as you can see in shot 1 - to remind me of all the good times!)

Number 3 is the Inspiration board my desk buddy Shilpz and I have created, with Winners Circle being in Hawaii for this year, we have gone for a blend of retro Hawaiian posters, cocktails, beaches and erm owls.....you knew i had to get one in there didn't you....

Ahh who would have thought that I would miss work?? Life is nothing but a journey of learning hey? (and yes I AM taking large amounts of painkillers, hence may be slightly hallucinatory....)

118/365 Meanwhile in my twilight world..

Damn this tonsillitus! it's trying to kill me! In fact yesterday my throat was so swollen i was 30 mins away from the paramedics being sent according to NHS Direct! So not much excitement available on the photographic front! Here's a close up of some of my cute fairy lights! Back to drinking honey and lemon tea and the tv then *sigh*

117/365 Surely i am too old to have tonsillitus???

But I have got it! So in a decision to fully embrace the retro nature of this illness (last time I had it I was about 12 years old I am guessing) I am spending sick time revisiting the 80's -  and solving a Rubik's cube while watching the awesome Brat Pack Movie "St Elmo's Fire" which was the catalyst many years ago for an overweight, spotty and swotty teenage girl, with dark hair and no confidence to change her name to "Jules" like Demi Moore's character in the film, thinking that way there was always the outside chance she might get to look like her and be as glamorous as the Jules character in the film.... no comment!!

116/365 And my Mum too!

I LOVE these old photos I found of my Mum and Dad, they look so 70's - tastic cool baby yeah! I think that I do look very similar to my Mum in the black and white one too! And this bottom photo is a recent one of us at a family dinner, I love it! It's not the most flattering photo of either of us, but I think it shows the love and the fun and laughs we ALWAYS have when we talk, either when we chat on the phone or get together, she really is my best friend as well as my Mum.

115/365 Fathers Day!

My Daddy! He is the best Father ever! Nothing short of 1000% proud and supportive of me whatever I do in life, and someone I hugely admire and respect. He is a great husband and Dad, and Mum and I lovvvvve him to the ends of the earth! *Big hugs to Dad* xxxxxxx

114/365 Kartoflusalat or Icelandic Potato Salad for lunch!


1 3/4 lbs potatoes (boiled tender, peeled & cubed)
3 eggs (hard-boiled & chopped)
6 -8 gherkins (chopped)
1/4 onion (chopped, larger amt if desired)
3/4 cup mayonnaise
3/4 cup sour cream
1/2 teaspoon curry powder (or up to 1 tsp)
lemon juice (optional as desired)
salt and pepper (to taste)

We had this loads for lunch in Iceland on holiday at the beginning of this year, but this is the first time we've made it ourselves, and it is YUM!

  • 113/365 British summer *sigh*

    YES i am moaning about the weather two days in a row! Its the middle of June, and to go out to dinner in London last night i wore a coat and gloves....GLOVES!! I mean REALLY... words fail me... (But you CAN just see my adorable gold watch peeping into the corner of the shot there, damn i do <3 that watch!

    112/365 And they call it British Summer Time because????

    I mean seriously, is it ever going to stop raining here? I have my heating on!!!  *checks which month we are in again* ... oh yes it's JUNE!?!? *sigh* But i did manage to step outside for 5 minutes in a break between rain showers to shoot these cute yellow flowers in my garden lawn.. weeds I hear you say?? Nooo.... it's my "Wild Flower Meadow" .....ahem....... 

    111/365 Cheers!

    Our new bar! Bring on cocktail hour! *smile*

    110/365 Sewing Blonde!

    Yes! I MADE these! whoop whoop!

    109/365 My new photographic study

    It's a work in progress, but a definite improvement from the room I just hung the washing up to dry in! The chair is my first ever successful e bay furniture win, so so pleased with, its pretty immaculate and a third of the cost of a new one from Ikea, score! In the process of sorting out stuff, I found both my old college photography portfolio and a REALLY old family album (photo 3) As you may know from previous posts, I had thrown ALOT of stuff away over the last few years, and so to find a couple of real gems like these nestling at the back of an old cupboard was really exciting! The goal board is up where I can see it, and I have WiFi in here too so I can sit and edit while looking out the window. You also can't see a huge bookcase for my growing collection of inspirational photographic books, which is on the left. I think all that's missing now is to actually hang up some of my favourite photos from this year! (BTW Shot 4 was me attempting to take a studious self portrait, but failing, goodness knows what I am doing here, I am hoping just tucking a piece of stray hair behind my ear, but it looks more like I am about to backhand the wall! *sigh*... elegance, not really a key skill of mine... *grin*)