29/365 - 2011 - Best Year Ever!

This is my Goal Board for 2011 as recommended by the Lovely Shilpz! It’s a great way to think of what I want to do this year, and then stick it in a place at home that I pass by often, so it’s a constant reminder. Its all too easy to think of things at New Year and then find that you are in June and haven’t done any of them yet! The idea is that once I have achieved a goal I take a photo or keep a ticket or something that reminds me of it and pin it on top of the goal picture! So far this year I have: seen the Northern Lights (that was a big one, one from the “Bucket List” !) Bought a new car, bought a camera, use it every day and started this blog J and more much more to come! By the end of the year this board will be COVERED with great experiences from 2011 


  1. I have of course completely forgotten about this great idea!

  2. You have! Get moving! you can start this afternoon while you are doing the bench work! :)