30/365 - I'm addicted to Project 365!

I woke up at 5am this morning and needed a glass of water,  on my way to the kitchen, i passed by a window and saw this view, and thought! I HAVE to go get my camera! Could this be taking my "photographic vision" to an all new (and possibly crazy) level of commitment!? What next i wonder? To make it worse one of my neighbours had a taxi waiting outside his house, so the taxi driver waiting in the car, had a great view of a lunatic woman in her pajamas, hair on end leaning out a window, while leaning kinda drunkly leaning against the window frame (in an attempt to be my own tripod, and create a steady image) and possibly swearing out loud as i wobbled. Could this project make me even more crazy than i already am? Will i start twitching in meetings at work in the boardroom on the third level with the floor to ceiling windows, if i see a great shot, and can't take it? Forced in the end to just jump up and run out spreadsheets falling to the floor in disarray, and get my camera?? (i DO hope so!) So many questions, and we are not even on tenth of the way in yet!! Stay posted readers, this could get messy....

PS - I checked my site stats for the first time yesterday, and i have had visitors from Russia, US and Iran!!! I am GLOBAL baby!! wooooooooooo!

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