31/365 - Tyring Day - oh dear...

Actually it was a very productive day! It was a typical day in the 'burbs (suburbs!) My better half washed and waxed my new car for me, until i was semi blinded just looking at its gleaming beauty! Then changed 4 tyres on his (and my adopted) Mark 1 Sierra, which drew much interest from my neighbours who wanted to know what it was and "why?" and "what next?" etc ;) While he answered and worked, i took the easier route of climbing trees and doing cartwheels with their adorable kids! I spent another couple of hours tidying up my garden after a starter hour on it in the week, and finally it looks like a garden again and not some wilderness project. The weather was so great yesterday we pretty much spent all day outside. I then made a lasagne, and a batch of peanut butter shortbread cookies, Domestic Bliss! Actually it really was, and is it sad to admit that that was one of my favourite days ever? Recessionary climates make you look for alternative options to endless spending for entertainment, and for me anyway, you realise what really makes you happy in life and not the never ending cycle of "wanting". A day's work in the sunshine, feeling like you have achieved something tangible at the end of it and then getting gently drunk while eating some good food, i am easily pleased! but i'd much rather do that than go shopping and drop £500 anyday. So the photo.... a stack of tyres, obviously! I just liked the texture of the rubber, against the smooth alloy, again, i am easily pleased!!! :)

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