309/365 Last day of 2011

So here we are the last day of 2011, I can't quite believe it, each year races past faster than the next! It's been the usual rollercoaster year for me, it's never quiet in my life for long, begging the question: do I design it that way subconsciously?? :) But I have learned alot this year through the tough times as well as the good ones, and feel ready to take all the positives from this year forward and build on them in 2012 and leave the negative energy behind. Onwards and Upwards as I always say! Happy New Year to you and yours xxx

308/365 Cheeky little guy!

SO CUTE! He sat in the tree and let me photograph him for about 10 minutes without moving! Ideal subject or what!!? :) He is one of my assignment shots for my Two Views blog, the latest assignment was The Rule of Thirds, you can check out the winning shot here

306/365 And just one more!

Isn't this tree just amazing! If I had that in my garden I wouldnt need a tv I would just gaze at it all day! And when I edited it, I realised I had captured a bird just flying in on the top left as well!

305/365 How to photograph on a grey day

In Black and White of course! Bushey Park was pretty grey, but not cold, and the trees all bare of leaves looked sculptural against the sky and water. And maybe just MAYBE I was shooting some "Rule of Thirds" shots for the new assignment on Two Views!

304/365 Thought for the day!

I bought this over a month ago, but since I also bought it for some Christmas presents I didn't want to write about it in case people then ran out and bought one too! Keeping a diary was one of my 24 in 12 resolutions  and I knew I wouldn't keep dedicated to a proper full page one, so this was the ideal "inbetweener" you basically write a little thought or note or update on your day, fill in the year and then move on, and there's room for 5 years of memories, so that each year it builds and you can look back on what you were doing last year, and the year before that etc etc! I am so looking forward to looking back over 4 years, when I am filling in the 5th slot, and hoping that there are hundreds of happy wonderful memories to look back on! :)

303/365 Happy Birthday!

... to baby Jesus of course, AND my Mum! :) Yes she is a Christmas baby! So lots of Christmas and birthday fun, and lovely vintage and custom made jewellery for me from the lovely man! 3 custom designed and handmade solid rose gold stacking rings, a solid yellow and rose gold vintage locket made in 1909! And a sparkly vintage gold, paste and ruby flower ring! YUM! I am TOTALLY spoiled :)

302/365 Twas the night before Christmas

And we celebrated with the most AMAZING Polish feast of several courses and then came home to snuggle up with a film and some port! LOVE Christmas!

301/365 Handmade Christmas!

Extra cosy gift for my best friend! Luckily I am about to give them to him in about 25 mins so it doesn't matter if he sees them now! This crochet thing is ADDICTIVE!!

297/365 Some colour on a winter day

I just love this old clock face on the church in Datchet, the colour is beautiful against the stone work, and at this time of year you become glad of a shot of colour from any direction.

296/365 Ducks!

295/365 Christmas!

Time to get Christmassy!! This was the latest challenge on Two Views Photographic, you can see how we both got on here. I have to say TJ beat me hands down!! his shot of a beautiful lit Christmas tree at night is simply stunning!

294/365 Adventures on the Thames

This seems to be really popular at the moment, and made me see the River Thames at Datchet as more like an Indian Reservation, than a sleepy town near Windsor!

293/365 Craft project!

Like the most of humanity in the UK at the moment, I am suffering from an endless cold and have been off work for a couple of days, which has given me PLENTY of time for crocheting! And also time to whip up this Christmas wreath for our front door! I scouted about the house for supplies, and used a wire coat hanger padded in newspaper and then covered in plastic bags to make it waterproof. Then covered in tinsel and made my own bauble flowers tied together and onto the wreath with some red wool! RESULT! I am actually rather pleased with it!!

292/365 Anniversary Presents!

Aww my boyfriend is the best! Look at these delightful creatures he bought for me to add to my vintage camera collection! A 5x4 bellows camera and a dinky cute little light meter!! SO in love with them!! (and him!) :)

291/365 Crochet Project number two!

I am LOVING crochet! I am taking very baby steps, and sticking with the easiest of stitches for my first projects, but am super super pleased with the way this soft and squashy scarf came out for my lovely man! And not a moment too soon as he is off to Edinburgh at 6am this morning where its 1 degree and snowing! I found these cute silver charms which I am going to stitch to all my "proper" finished items, for a little "Handmade by Jules "signature. All in all I am well chuffed!

290/365 To which my boyfriend would say...

..... he seems a Fun Guy to be with (get it??) :)

289/365 Ferns

Ferns are always one of my favourite subjects, usually in summer or spring time lit by sunlight like the one below, but I still love them even in winter. They are so delicate and kind of exotically rainforest looking for England!

288/365 Two Edits

I like both of these shots, both colour and B&W. They were a trial attempt for my Trees project which got downgraded when I found one I liked better. I like the way they are all things tree like without actually showing the tree!

286/365 My creative friend!

You may or may not have checked out my new joint blog Two Views as yet (if not why not! Get over there ASAP! :) ) It's a joint blog with my best mate TJ, we set ourselves a photographic assignment every two weeks, and then publish our results as well as our "journey" in getting there. I am learning SO MUCH from him and our work together, and although we have only been going a few weeks, I am really proud of what we have achieved so far :)

285/365 Royal Swans

They are just so elegant, but also... you wouldn't mess with them would you! Especially since these are the Queens swans! You can probably still get shot for upsetting them!