21/365 Card display

I am notoriously NOT that kind of gal that leaves birthday and anniversary cards up for weeks, maybe not even days! I am so neat and tidy at home, that it frankly annoys me to have them cluttering up surfaces for more than about 48 hrs! With our wedding cards though, we were lucky enough to be given SO many, and with so many to open and read, I don't feel like I have given enough of them the time and attention they deserved. So many of them are both beautiful on the outside and have some wonderful word of love and advice for married success on the inside, I wanted to take me time to appreciate them and read and re read them, before they go in the gorgeous keepsake box I have on order. So to satisfy my neat - freak tendencies, I re used the technique I used to hang my previous 365 project photos, and nailed in some tiny tacks and hung them with string the same colour as my wall, and then hung them all over the string, making them easy to pull off and read, re arrange or whatever! Photography wise, I then applied a "1960's" filter through picasa and scalloped the edges in to give a tiny vintage vibe :)

20/365 More cross processing!

Couldn't resist a bit more fun with the cross processing edit tool I found! I like the way it turns the  image of the flowers from something soft and romantic into something more graphic and almost scientific looking!

19/365 The bells!!

We bought these amazing bells while we were on honeymoon in the Polish Alpine mountains, there are a bout 10 of them on the string of leather, and they sound like the big cow bells cows wear in Alpine areas so the shepherds can find them. It's that really evocative sound, that just transports you back there, and I was so pleased when I saw a little stall selling these, as I have hung them up in our dining room, and as I pass by several times an evening I give them a little jangle and it just takes me back to sunshine and mountain air and our honeymoon! The second photo is a bit of "cross processing" edit fun!

18/365 Mr & Mrs

I am loving being a "Mrs" :) And yes we DO keep calling each husband and wife as much as we possibly can! My husband likes to joke introduce me to people we already know with a "Have you met my wife?" and a grin! It's adorable, we are probably nauseating to other people, but we don't care! It's a special time in our relaltionship and we are making the most of it as newlyweds. These handmade adorable mugs were bought by my boss as our wedding gift - too cute!!! :)

17/365 My very first pumpkin!

How can I have got to this time of my life and have never carved a Halloween pumpkin? I just don't have an answer for you! But this was my very first one! And I SO enjoyed it! And i am so loving it sitting in my fireplace grinning away!! Before and after shots for you above!!

16/365 Camera Phones

Part of the reason for me wanting to give a 365 project (take a photo a day and publish it for a year) another go was because I just got treated to an android smartphone with a kick ass camera (this has long been on my "To Buy" list, but being a habitual tight ass with myself when it comes to buying things, the husband finally lost patience and bought me one - bless him!) It's transformed my world in terms of ALWAYS having a phone with me and being able to edit, manipulate,move, send and upload photos wherever I am. Yes of course the quality is not AS good, there is not as much flexibility in exposure or lens length, but it has long been an assertion of mine that 99% of a good photograph / photographer is in the "eye", the composition and capturing of the moment, and not the technicalities of the camera. This shot is a classic example of me sitting on the sofa looking at my new husband and thinking he looked very handsome and wanting to capture that, without having to get up and get my SLR and a tripod out, I just reached for my phone and took the picture, then in about 2 minutes I had edited, uploaded it to Instagram and sent it to Blogger to upload for this post - easy!! My phone also has some great fun features like the ability to transform a photo into a line drawing - I think it's done an awesome job!! It's totally rocking my world at the moment!!!

15/365 Colours

We have been madly editing and copying and printing Wedding DVDs and photos, and so the lounge tends to be covered with any and all of the "ingredients" for doing this at any one time!! This DVD caught my eye as the reflection of colours from the table lamp were SO beautiful!

14/365 My lovely clients!

I have long thought that the clients I work with are the best clients a girl could have, and this was supported by a team of clients sending me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to work to congratulate me on my marriage!! They are beaut!!

13/365 Mmm chocolate!!

When we arrived back late and tired after a day of delays at airports my in laws picked us up from the airport and drove us home, and the wonderful surprise as we hauled our suitcases into the house was a bag full of ingredients for a delicious dinner and a box of Belgian Chocolates!! I SO married into the right family!!! :) We saved the chocolates and ate them while reading in bed last night! So naughty, but just so right :)

12/365 Thank you's

We are SO lucky with the friends and family we have, we were quite overwhelmed with the generous gifts we received as wedding presents. And so just like the invites, I wanted to make my own Thank You cards and make them something a little special. So I edited into black and white a wonderful photo my friend Tim took of us having our first dance and then added a vintage style border and text and stuck them onto card blanks ready to write and post. Hopefully our guests will enjoy receiving these and our love and thanks too :)

11/365 Back to work!

Here is something I see every day! My phone keypad! I have NOT missed it while I have been on honeymoon, but here we are back as close desk buddy's again for the forseeable future...hey ho!

10/365 Name change

I took an extra day off from work, now we are back from our honeymoon to do ALLLLLL the name changes I now need to do! "No word of a lie" as we say here in the UK, I have been working on this non stop from 8am - 1 pm and i still have a loooong list left to do! Still it's worth it, and I am just about getting used to my new name now after 9 days!!

9/365 Goodbye Poland!

Ahh I was so so sad to leave Poland! 6 days was not long enough at all, and I can't wait to go back! I would love to see it in the snow and also peak summertime (although we did HAVE the heat of summer while we were out there in the "Polish Golden Autumn"!!) I am pleased with some of the landscape shots I took, I think this one which was posted a few days ago in colour is my favourite, and I almost prefer it in black and white for the sculptural look it gives it. And the text of course says Goodbye Poland in Polish! ( I have to say hard as I tried my Polish didn't progress that far this trip!! Maybe a side project for me before my next visit!!) 

8/365 Krakow

Krakow is an AMAZING place!! Our hotel overlooks the main square and every time I look out the light and the weather means it looks totally different! A photographers dream! :) So from the top down: St Mary's Church late last night, during a procession of hundreds of people to the church all holding candles. This morning in some early morning fog. The flower market in the main square. St Marys Church inside and out, and the wonderful Wawel castle where we spent hours walking about, sitting in the sun and chatting and eating ice creams and pizza! I am missing Poland already and I haven't even left yet (but we will be tomorrow morning :( ) There is SO much I wanted to see and do here that we just didn't have time to fit in, that I have the PERFECT reason to come back here ASAP! :) Happy Honeymoon xx

7/365 Down a mine!

We left Zakopane today for the Wieliczka Salt Mine outside Krakow, it was AMAZING, 10km by 5km and 300 feet deep - we only got to see a tiny part of it, but what we did see was amazing! Huge cavernous cathedral like spaces all paved in rock salt and hung with chandeliers made of salt crystals, with awesome sculptures made of salt by miners through the ages, and deep azure underground lakes, VERY Lord of The Rings!! We then got to Krakow at sunset and our hotel has the most amazing views of the main square, which I could not get enough of photographing! We then found a fantastic Argentinian steak house for dinner and had a bottle of champagne and then came back to our James Bond style hotel suite!! PERFECT!!

6/365 Up a Mountain!

We took the funicular railway up the Grubolowka mountain today, it was so hot and sunny! We spent about 4 hours walking around at the top - 4 hours you say? That's a long time... It IS a long time, mainly due to the fact it was only supposed to be half of that as we took a long walk from one end of the top to the other hoping to get the chair lift down, however it had just closed during the week, so we walked ALL the way there to look at some none moving chair lifts, laugh hysterically and walk all the way back again!! But it gave us a good work out, and the views everywhere were wonderful, so we couldn't really complain. 

And below a few from our walk to dinner last night, this guy was making the HUGEST bubbles I have ever seen, they looked so weird just rolling along the street!