57/365 Baking

We are going to a friends house for Sunday Lunch today, so I thought I would make my "famous" chocolate truffle torte to take with us when i got up this morning, the husband came down just at the crucial moment (as if by magic!) where the chocolate covered mixing bowl was about to go in the dishwasher, and he decided he had a much more ecologically friendly way to clean it for me..... :)

56/365 Sundown

The sun goes down so early at this time of year, but it does make the sky some amazing colours, this must have been about 4pm, way too early to be dark! And we even have some snow in some parts of the UK!!

55/365 Barges on The Thams

While I was out shooting the floods we have had here over the last month, I spotted this gorgeous old barge moored up by the Thames. Its like looking back in time and imagining that in those days this river was like today's motorways, the real lifeblood of the country. And the tarmac at the front is actually the footpath, the river level rose so high that it became submerged!!

54/365 More Christmas!

Just one more! This time of my Christmas Table centre decoration!

53/365 Christmas!

My mum would always buy Poinsettias to decorate the house with at Christmas, and I found these 2 HUGE beauties recently and couldn't resist them! According to Wikipedia: The poinsettia is indigenous to Mexico and Central America. It derives its common English name from Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to Mexico, who introduced the plant into the United States in 1825. Who knew??

52/365 Regal

I love the way this swan looks like he OWNS the River and all the expensive houses and boats along it, they are just so haughty and regal, always!!

51/365 My chilli plant thinks it's Spring!

My adorable chilli pepper plant should be having a little hibernate now! but the tropical extremes of our house, have led it to believe it's Spring I think and its grown a flower!! Bless it's heart!! Chilli Turkey for Christmas anyone?? :)

50/365 Cosy cottage

I pass by this cottage on my way home from work everyday, it looks so adorable and quintessentially English, I am imagine it has huge roaring fires and someone inside is drinking a nice warm mug of hot chocolate!!