Outdoor Living

We have ignored this corner of our garden for years since we have lived here and I don't really know why! It had a patio built when we moved here, because it captures the last rays of the sun in the evening and with all the trees growing above it, is like it's own natural outdoor room, even without doing anything else to it. Following our outdoor living on holiday we decided to bring some of that home and spend more time outside, and that a bit of investment in this to date unloved space would be no bad thing! So here is the work in progress, so far - some new garden furniture, a wood pile ready for heating, some home made rustic candle lanterns, and pots of hosta's one of my favourite outdoor plants - with a log burning chimnea and fairy lights to follow! I'll take some more in the evening when we have everything in place, but we have been using it loads already, and it will be a perfect haven for my maternity leave which starts at 5pm today! Woo Hoo!!

Last Views

I just wanted to show you HOW far away from everything we were! It's the same view but zoomed in on the one below, surrounded by sheep, cows ad horses and lots of green! Just a fabulous chilled time away!!

Tintern Abbey - Special FX Edition!

It's a cool enough place on its own, but I couldn't resist a little photoshopping for some more dramatic effects :)

Tintern Abbey


I loved Tintern Abbey! We came around the corner of a bend in a road and there it was - it's HUGE First built in 1131, it was dissolved in 1536 and I am guessing has just been left to fall down since then. It's very atmospheric and it was nice to see it out of season when we almost had the place to ourselves.