341/365 The Negotiator in ACTION!

After my beautiful 50" Plasma developed the same fault for the 3rd time, THE NEGOTIATOR as he appears in this story, decided enough was enough, and even though it had been 2 years, got on the phone and very reasonably persuaded the warranty company to swap it out for a much higher spec 3D version with free glasses and a backdated warranty for a fresh 5 years! Then loaded it up in its makeshift little bed to keep it safe, drove it back, brought the new one back and connected it all in about 30 mins! Now that's what I call service! Well who would argue with THAT serious phone face!! They didn't stand a chance :)

340/365 -2 degrees !?!?

Wow! Just when you think the winter is edging out and spring is on its way, it drops down to -2 degrees! It's warmer in Iceland at the moment! But it DOES make for some beautiful frosty photo opportunities!

339/365 Windows

I just love the symmetry of these deep set windows in a lovely old cottage in Datchet. Makes you want to fill each one with flowers!

338/365 My new handmade crochet goods shop!

I have finally finished my first set of stock for some trial sales on e bay! I am very excited and if someone does actually buy something I know I will be over the moon! You can check out my shop here! Love to hear your thoughts!

337/365 My craft room

I have been stuck inside most of the last 5 days, with I believe what is known medically as a "cluster migraine" basically its like the seventh circle of hell (whatever THAT is!) whereby just as you feel like you are getting over one migraine, it starts again :( I tried going into work on one day, but after about 3 hours of fluorescent lights and PC screens my head was about to burst, so I gave in and came back to the darkness.

Feeling rather sorry for myself after all that, I decided to put in some quality time in my craft room once I could finally tolerate some light, and decided to give you a virtual tour around it since it's been a while since I have, and it's packed full of more cute stuff now :) It makes me happy just to be in there!

It's very small, but perfectly formed *grin* And is a combination chill out zone / photographic studio / gallery and crochet workshop as you can see from the equipment stash.

Central to the gallery piece is both my "365 Wall" some of my favourite 365 photos on 5x7 prints and hung from mini clothes pegs, and also my "proper" photographic portfolio (lying open on the brown leather storage boxes on the left)

A bookcase gives me loads of storage for all my eclectic interests! From travel, to sewing, to How to Read Egyptian (well ok, that's the boyfriends not mine :) I was just trying to look clever!)

And here's my stock of Warm Wishes soft and delicious handmade crocheted goods ready for some trial selling on e bay!

My vintage sewing machine, LOVE it!

My trusty tripod, and my gold reflector which I habitually use in the studio for some warm up action :)

333/365 Spooky!

Just looks so gothic, and you can't tell which are real birds, and which are patr of the stone and metal work I think!

328/365 Machinery

Machinery was the topic of the latest assignment on my other photographic blog Two Views, i really enjoyed it! and here are a few contenders and you can see the results here!

326/365 New assignment on Two Views

The next assignment is up on my other photographic blog Two Views and its a simple one "machinery" who would have thought I would have got as interested in it as I did! I spent about two hours finding and shooting this weekend! I like this one, but as you can probably guess it's not the winner :)

325/365 Making stock!

I am loving crochet so SO much, but there's only SO much I can make for myself and my friends and family before we are all covered in it! So I am going to dip my toe in the water of trying to sell a few pieces! I will let you know where and when of course! Meantime I am building up some stock! :)

324/365 Canvas Prints

I have been promising myself that I would treat myself to some of my favourite photos on large canvas prints for a while now, and it's one of my 24 in 12 goals as well, so I finally got round to it, and I am really pleased with them! The depth is amazing, I feel like I could just step into into the bluebell wood and scamper amongst the trees!

323/365 Frosty Morning!

When I looked out the window this morning I was met with a BEAUTIFUL sunny frosty morning! So my dedication to 365 is SUCH, that I jumped up and rushed out in my PJ's just throwing a pair of trainers on, and grabbing my camera on the way to capture it all before the sun melted it! Here's just a few of the set! I was glad to get back in to the warm and a cup of tea after 30 mins out there shooting! And lets just hope my neighbours weren't happening to be looking out the window at the time!!

322/365 Patterns

Just some detail on on of the old houses in my village, I love the contrast of all the textures and those plastered and painted walls always remind me of icing on a cake!

318/365 Craft project

Another paper project this one for my lovely boyfriend! He is a classic cut nut (mainly Ford Sierra XR4x4's since you ask... oh you didn't ask?? :) ) and often uses odd scraps of paper to work out his next project costs and timelines, which sometimes end up getting lost, so I thought I would make him a custom designed "Project Book" so that he could keep it all in one place. I found some old style pen and ink drawings of the Sierra engine online and printed a load out along with some "Ford" font lettering and some graphics of Ford logo's through out history and spray glued them to a plain ruled notebook I found online. I deliberately over sprayed glue in some areas to create little watermark patterns, to fit in with the retro styling (well at least that's my story, the fact that I also got glue all over my leggings is another matter) I then covered the whole front and back with plastic sticky laminate so it's a "workshop friendly" wipe clean finish! I think he liked it! But he he says its "too nice" to use in the garage! which kind of defeats my purpose! I will have to go and scribble all over the first page and thus it won't be quite as nice any more and thus be ready for some hard use! :)

317/365 Buttons!

I have just started my first collection of buttons for various craft projects, which was looking pretty woeful, until i visited my mum today and got a bag full of some gorgeous and interesting one to add, including brass, leather and mother of pearl ones. Apparently they are heirloom buttons, passed down from my Grandma, to my Mum and now me! How cool is that? I am never going to want to actually USE them!! So I made them a little crocheted jar to live in, just so they know how much I love them!