Low Key - Water

The assignment I have been working on this week for my other joint photography blog is Low Key. Low Key shots are of dark subjects, under exposed to give a moody dramatic effect. I wanted to capture the ripples of light on water and make it almost abstract by not including any other subject matter in at all. I deliberately under exposed by 3 stops in the camera, and then added even more contrast in post processing. Also in shot one I added the "Holga -ish" effect from Picasa. Holga is a medium format toy camera made in Honk Kong and well known for its low fidelity effect, so I think it worked well for this topic! Neither of these are the winner though, you'll have to hop over to Two Views to see that one!

One man's trash....

... is another man's treasure, or so they say! Car shoes also have "auto jumbles" attached to them. What that translates as is ALOT of rusty old car parts and stalls selling random combinations of things, including (last shot) everything AND the kitchen sink!

US cousins part 2

Some more close up of some US beauties! I love the fact that the black Mustang (last shot) was so well polished and the sun so bright that you can see the reflection of the grass in the paintwork, it looks like some kind of amazing vinyl wrap!

And our US cousins part 1

Love the American vintage styling! Especially the Steve McQueen model in the drivers seat of the 1968 Mustang Fastback GT390!

Antiques Roadshow?

We are just having the BEST weather here in the UK at the moment! And we are all taking to the outside! I went with my better half to a car show in Enfield yesterday, and set myself the photo challenge of just using my zoom / long lens to focus only on the details of the cars, it gave me a new perspective to work with, and with the sun out some really great colourful shots. Here's the first set of old British Cars, and the better half looking tanned in the sunshine! :)

Hello Summer!

All photos in and around Windsor, Richmond and London. Finally we have Summer here in the UK, it's been a long time coming, this is a little celebration of all things English and Summery :)

High Key Lily

Another sneak peak at some of the project work I have been doing for the latest assignment on my other joint photography blog on High Key. I am not sure what these lily type flowers actually are, but they are beautiful to photograph, and I like the simplicity of what is shown and not shown once you convert to B&W and over expose.

High Key

If you follow my other joint photography blog at all you will see that the current assignment is "High Key" It's proving really fun to attempt and here's a couple of abstract goes at it with a Christmas ornament. I like the effect alot, as it makes for a really "painterly" feel to the shots, and something that would like great on a huge canvas as a piece of artwork I think!