277/365 More thrifting finds!

£4.99! Bargain!! I am LOVING this online vintage bargain hunting!!

276/365 I made this!

Ridiculously proud of this little purse I crocheted! Using it to carry my lipsticks in in my handbag. What next?? A scarf maybe! Wooooo!

275/365 Learning to crochet

So I  am starting on another of my 24 in 12 goals, learning to crochet! My darling BF bought me the book and starter kit of wool and a crochet hook. But after reading the starting instructions several times I decided I needed to consult with an expert, my Mum! She has been crocheting every day for years and is self taught, she gets given wool by Charity shops, which she takes home and knits into beautiful colourful blankets, which she takes back and they either then sell in the store, or send out to Africa or wherever blankets are needed. I like to think many an African child cuddles up in one of my Mums hand made blankets to sleep in every night :) I just about managed a chain and a line of single crochet stitches... woo! Next is half double crochet and an attempt at some fingerless gloves! Watch this space! So far I am really enjoying it, its just the right amount of thoughtfulness and concentration, and then relaxing repetition. I had SUCH a full on week at work last week, that it seems to have taken me all weekend to get over it, just ready for the next week :( Boo!

274/365 Water droplets at dawn

273/365 Excitedly planning....

...... To go back here... ICELAND BABY!! :) We loved it so much when we went in Feb this year, we are going to go back in Feb next year, and this time drive around the whole island in a huge 4x4 like this one (actually it probably will be this exact one!) SO so so excited, literally every time I think about it I get all tingly inside!

272/365 One day when I grow up I might become a Fashion Blogger........

.......but until then I won't give up my day blog! :) hahaha yeah yeah I am SO funny, I know! So this is another tick for my 24 in 12 list  to go on a thrifting spree. Finding time to visit what we charmingly call here in the UK a Charity Shop is hard because of the thing I have to do every day so I can afford to shop (work that is) so I was browsing online and found to my great surprise and delight that you can buy from Oxfam online!!! SO exciting! So I found these amazing jackets and snapped them up! So from the top a buttery leather jacket / blazer for £7, a linen and sequin cap sleeved jacket for £12 and a super soft drapey suit jacket for £10! They are all in immaculate condition and were delivered right to my desk! This could become a new obsession! I styled them up for some holiday season looks with a sequin mini, a leopard print bustier dress and a navy sequinned one shoulder mini dress (the dresses from Forever 21 - who are new to the UK - really great design and quality at low prices!) Here comes party season!!!

271/365 So foggy here again today!

But I do love the way it changes everything, brings some details into focus and lets others recede... it's like soft focus for the outside world!

270/365 Close up on stonework

269/365 And a few more foggy Richmond Park photos

We had SUCH an amazing day at Richmond Park yesterday! The fog lasted all day, which is rare, and so although these shots were taken at about 2pm, you could hardly see a thing! The park was quite busy with people, but the beauty of the scene and the deer seemed to have affected everyone, and we were amongst a crowd silently awed by the majesty of the stags silhouetted against the fog. If it wasn't so VERY cold, we could have stayed there all day I think, but tea beckoned :)

266/365 Last colours of the year

This is shot I took for my Two Views photography project website, which since we only post one photograph per project, didn't quite make it. I thought it was tooooo lovely not to share especially as this will be the last colours we see outside for a little while now. It's suddenly got really chilly here in the Royal Borough, but it means with no leaves on the house I can clearly see Windsor Castle from my bedroom window! Perhaps the Queen is saying the same about my house... who knows *grin*

265/365 Little rose gold treat to myself!

It's from Nicole Richie's House of Harlow 1960 collection, a 70's inspired rose gold plated ring! So cute! And we know how much I love rose gold!! Because I am worth it etc :)

264/365 Great start to my collection!

Another one ticked off the 24 in 12 list! Starting a vintage camera collection! All of these came from the very kind heart and collection of my BF's Dad! SO kind, and I will value them even more as family "heirlooms". The bottom Minolta SLR kit was his first SLR, and I think it's incredibly generous to let me have it, as I bet it holds some real memories! It's got pride of place on display in our lounge where I can keep catching a quick glimpse, and pick them up for a play when I pass by :)

263/365 Ladybird Love

There are SO many of these cute little creatures around this autumn, I love them, and always see them as a symbol of good luck coming :)

262/365 Vintage Map DIY craft project

I swiped this sad old revision card notebook from my better half as a photography shoot ideas notebook. But it looked a bit sad and tattered, so I decided what better time to go for another of my 24 in 12 ideas and get the spray glue out and some old maps and give it a new lease of life! It might not be the neatest finish ever but I DO love it!

261/365 Shooting on location

I am just beginning on my next project for my new blog: Two Views, you can read about it here. So I decided to try an outdoor photo shoot using my tripod, and went to the beautiful Royal Park of Richmond  it was a wonderful warm sunny autumn day, we saw some stags and had the MOST fun time setting up some crazy shots on self timer and running backwards and forwards, here are a few "out takes" the best ones are being saved for the potential "One Shot" for Two Views, once this project completes. (For the full shoot see here!) I was really pleased with the results, and I still have two more weeks to shot some more portraits! Good start! Hopefully this one won't cause me as much angst as the Trees Project :) 

260/365 The one that nearly made it!

Close but not quite, you can see the final pick for my Trees project over here at my other photographic and this time joint blog....

259/365 Heirloom

About 4 years ago, I had a break in at my house one night (while I was out thank goodness) They were the most polite and tidy burglars ever, as they knew exactly what they wanted and just went straight for my jewellery box. Which would have been bad enough at any time, but I had only a few months before taken custody of all my Mum's lovely jewellery, some wonderful gold pieces she had collected over the years, and presents my Dad had given her, and I was so enjoying wearing them, not just because that kind of 70's jewellery was back in fashion again, but because of the sentimental value and the connection through the generations. So I was totally gutted to have that stolen, and although we got the money back, nothing can replace the pieces themselves. So imagine how happy I was when my Mum gave me this one piece that hadn't made it's way over to my house, a pendant my Dad had given her before I was born! It's HEAVY! and solid silver, and the chain is actually a solid silver chain my Mum gave me for passing my 12+ exams when I was 11 years old, so it's a great mix of her and my Dad's history, mine and ours together! Currently I can hardly bear to take it off, if it didn't weigh a ton I would wear it 24/7 but I think it would pin me to my pillow if I did!!

257/365 New photography challenge!

Ha! So this is much harder than it looks! Obviously you cant rely on auto exposure or focus, so it's back to fully manual, ahhhh the good old days!! So I think my first attempt hasn't completely hit the nail on the head, but it's a work in progress! Good to have a challenge always ;)

256/365 Last of the flowers!

The seasons are definitely moving and changing, but we are now well into autumn and these last flowers in someone's front garden are a last burst of colour before the end of the year!

255/365 Anyone for a hamburger?

I was very "bullish" taking shots of the cows and the two bulls in the field, as there was a lovely sturdy barbed wire fence between me and them :) In fact I may have had taunted the bull that stood up and tried to "eyeball" me by saying "Yum, tasty steak for me later!!" until when walking back to my car I saw a tag on the outside of he fence, erm..... I did then start walking rather sharply back to my car!

254/365 Cows in the sunshine! (like gorillas in the mist!?)

I was "tree hunting" (click here to understand why!) And I came across these gorgeous girls having a little sunbathe in the autumn sunshine!