8/365 Krakow

Krakow is an AMAZING place!! Our hotel overlooks the main square and every time I look out the light and the weather means it looks totally different! A photographers dream! :) So from the top down: St Mary's Church late last night, during a procession of hundreds of people to the church all holding candles. This morning in some early morning fog. The flower market in the main square. St Marys Church inside and out, and the wonderful Wawel castle where we spent hours walking about, sitting in the sun and chatting and eating ice creams and pizza! I am missing Poland already and I haven't even left yet (but we will be tomorrow morning :( ) There is SO much I wanted to see and do here that we just didn't have time to fit in, that I have the PERFECT reason to come back here ASAP! :) Happy Honeymoon xx

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