16/365 Camera Phones

Part of the reason for me wanting to give a 365 project (take a photo a day and publish it for a year) another go was because I just got treated to an android smartphone with a kick ass camera (this has long been on my "To Buy" list, but being a habitual tight ass with myself when it comes to buying things, the husband finally lost patience and bought me one - bless him!) It's transformed my world in terms of ALWAYS having a phone with me and being able to edit, manipulate,move, send and upload photos wherever I am. Yes of course the quality is not AS good, there is not as much flexibility in exposure or lens length, but it has long been an assertion of mine that 99% of a good photograph / photographer is in the "eye", the composition and capturing of the moment, and not the technicalities of the camera. This shot is a classic example of me sitting on the sofa looking at my new husband and thinking he looked very handsome and wanting to capture that, without having to get up and get my SLR and a tripod out, I just reached for my phone and took the picture, then in about 2 minutes I had edited, uploaded it to Instagram and sent it to Blogger to upload for this post - easy!! My phone also has some great fun features like the ability to transform a photo into a line drawing - I think it's done an awesome job!! It's totally rocking my world at the moment!!!

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