What is 365 Days of Blonde? And Why?

365 of Blonde is my photo diary and recording of my project to take at least one photograph every day for a year. Following my outstanding, amazing, awe inspiring, life renewing, soul enhancing (insert additional over the top adjectives as needed) trip to Iceland in February this year, i re discovered my love of photography, and spent a large amount of cash on a beautiful new camera kit, 365 is my commitment to me, to invest time every day in thinking imaginatively and creating something tangible that i can be proud of. It's also a record of my life and my world and my thoughts over the next year, probably only of interest to me, but you never know :)


  1. You belittle yourself.. I think it will be an extraordinary and fascinating insight into your world!

  2. This is fab! Loving all the pics; quite an interesting mix. Have added this to my favourites now!x shilpz