49/365 - Birthday Celebrations!

Yes really! :) What else to do on a Birthday night other than play with Sierra Cosworth bumpers!?? ok ok ok so this isn't really my Significant Other giving me a bumper wrapped in bubble wrap for my birthday..... But i DO now have enough car spare parts in my loft (where this little "gem" was headed for) to make at LEAST 3 full size Sierras i would say... maybe 4!? As to the birthday bit, yes he did come over cook me a feast and shower me with presents, more on this tomorrow and Little Gems... :)


  1. Is he building a time machine in your loft? Best keep an eye on him :o)

  2. A Sierra based Time Machine, hmmmm... you could be right! Now i know why he says "don't worry darling, no need for you to go into the loft, i'll take it up when i next go up there!" it's all clicking into place now.....