63/365 Guardian Angels and tattoos

There is a belief in spiritual circles that if you are out and about and come across a snowy white feather in your path that it’s a calling card so to speak from your guardian angel. I went through a stage of reading everything there is published on psychic phenomenon, angels, channelling, reiki, astrology, telepathy, ghosts, you name it! Then I went to the other extreme and read all of Stephen Hawking’s and Brian Greene’s books on Universal Theory, relativity, black holes, string theory and quantum physics. My own Universal Theory of How Things Works, is still in progress :) But I do believe there is more in the world than can be explained by science alone, which believes if you can’t measure something in a repeatable manner it doesn’t exist. Yet we know every day with something as simple as our likes, dislikes and emotions, that there is plenty about life that can’t be predicted or measured. So although when I see a white feather in my path now I don’t always think it’s a “hello” from my guardian angel, sometimes I do! And hey, what’s the harm in that? Some kind of belief in a higher force, even if that higher force is your own intuition or gut instinct about the decisions you make in life is both comforting, and I think undeniable. Which is why tattoo number two, is of a tiny feather on my wrist. Just a reminder that there is more to life than deadlines and shopping and grass seed!


  1. How true and I come across these white feathers frequently... :o)