Simplicity: Running

Ahhhh running, I do love it, just a little bit (a lot!) I was one of those fat kids at school that hated, repeat HATED any form of gym class or PE, and as soon as I left I couldn’t wait to never have to fake sickness to get out of it again J I went for years just doing the odd aerobics class and not much else, until lord knows why one day I decided to start running. At that time I worked opposite a marathon runner who was the best possible coach for a beginner, as he printed me off beginners running guides, encouraged my slow progress, wasn’t in any way deprecating about my achievements in comparison to his and gently encouraged me to keep going even when it was tough. “I know you don’t feel like running after work in the rain tonight, but imagine how great you will feel afterwards, and tomorrow after you’ve slept really well and your skin is glowing from the exercise” (good motivation that one!) Gradually I could run for 5 minutes, then 10, then 30 then 90! I even had to have physio for “Runners Knee” (not sure I should be counting that as a badge of honour… but hey!) Over the years I have fallen in and out of love with running, and am back in the honeymoon phase at the moment. After a lay off of a couple of years, I have just completed 8 weeks of beginners training, and am back able to run for 45 minutes again without a break now, and I love it.  It’s more spiritual / emotional almost than it is physical for me, it’s the bringing of energy from the whirl of my mind and thoughts, into my body and breath. It’s the rhythm and the stamina, when it’s really good it’s a form of meditation, and I can feel like I am floating without effort at all. I am not and never will be the fastest runner alive, likewise I have decided for me running is a solitary pursuit and I am not interested in racing at all. It’s the one thing I do totally for me, and without any goals other than to enjoy it. I think it’s the ONLY thing I don’t set goals for in life. I took a wrong turn a few times by making myself run a certain mileage per week, or trying to increase speed or distance to a set formula, and then suddenly I just don’t want to run at all, it’s not something that works that way for me, its got to be done for the pure enjoyment of it whether its 10 minutes or 60, it’s whatever feels intuitively right for me on that day. And the photos? The top two were filtered through “Polaroid” in Picasa – pretty self explanatory that one! The bottom two are my regular running route  - pretty spectacular huh? Who could fail to be inspired running that? :)

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  1. I am hoping some of your enthusiasm might rub off on me and re kick start my running :)