One thing I love about blogging, is there is a whole world of extremely talented people out there with either very different, or very similar blogging interests as my own. Both work to stimulate thoughts and creativity, just when you think "what on EARTH will I shoot or write next?" I found this amazing photography blog while surfin' about. And found a fellow Aries, Gluten Intolerant lady, who loves photography and blogs and documents her daily life in photographs too! Cool huh!! Although she lives in San Fran one of the coolest places on earth, and I live next door to the Queen in Windsor (i don't know... IS that cool!?)

She has a regular series of posts "Thank You Notes" I loved it - a little appreciation for all the good in your life, is something so easily overlooked, so here's my attempt!

Dear Fiance,
Thank you for coming home tomorrow after your trip to the US - who knew 6 days would feel like a lifetime and I would end up having a little cry a couple of evenings due to missing you so much!

Dear Autumn Sunshine,
Thank you for shining, I know it's hard for you here in the UK, but your efforts are MOST appreciated! In 2 weeks time it will be my wedding, if you could see your way to making an extra special effort on 13th October I would be SO grateful!

Dear Chocolate Fudge Sundae from my Favourite Gastro Pub,
As per the photo a couple of posts back, you rocked my world, I miss you and had hoped to meet with you again this evening, but due to a huge crazy auction in the bar tonight, and my Mum and Dad not being fans of the thought of that - it is not to be, but soon....... we will be together again (and is it odd to think about a dessert this much?)

Dear Friday! 
Oh most Godly and Royal of days! Thank you for your end-of-week-ness - only 2.5 more hours to go til the school bell end of work!

Dear Awesome Discount Online Shoe Store
THANK YOU for your knee length brown soft and gorgeous boots for autumn at 50% off! WHAT a delight to go to the mailroom to collect!

Dear Hair,
Sorry about all the straightening this week... I know I know.... I ask for long silky glossy locks, and then fry you in between two heated plates at about 200 degrees, i'd be pretty fed up too.. I don't blame you for having a tantrum, I am hoping the serum and I have made it up to you and together we can move forward..... more respectfully I promise.... :)

Lastly... Dear  Autumn Moon,
Man you are so amazing! I caught you a couple of days before "full fullness" and you were stunning, I may well be leaning out the window with my camera and tripod in my jim jams (PJ's) again this weekend at 10pm trying to get an ever better shot (apologies to the neighbours for this sight) but i'm not displeased with this one (above) for starters! 

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  1. As for me.... Dear............ (Now that would be telling)