36/365 Post purchase test driving, how typically me

Avid readers will know i bought a new car a month ago, since then it has been back to the garage 3 times now with a few niggles, and so while they have been sorting them out i have had a parade of showroom cars to drive including the following: Focus Zetec, Focus ST, another Fiesta ST and a Fiesta Zetec (of which this is some raindrops on its sparkly paintwork this morning) Now most people would drive this selection before they decide which car to buy, but noooooooo! this is ME, i do it the hard way! Luckily nothing / no one / ever / etc can compare to the love i have yes LOVE for my ST, and today we were reunited, in fact we got to spend ALOT of quality bonding time together as one of the level crossings in Datchet has gone *wrong* and it took me an hour and a half to do a 15 min commute home from work *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* but nevertheless i got to have a lovely time getting to know my car again, we have decided never to be parted for this long ever ever again. Amen.

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