5/365 - Abstract Macro shot of my Star Steuben

Hasn't come out quite as sparkly as in "real life" but this shot through one of the stars gives a general idea. Having laughed for years at the cliches of the corporate world, including the "glassware" awarded for achieving certain goals, after 6 years at Gartner now, i cannot but help "buy in" to it, and no one is more happy than me to add another crystal sculpture with my name etched on it to my desk, than me! This one is particularly nice, and non "Gartnerised" and is in recognition of being number 1 in the world in 2010, so it will stay in pride of place for a while. It's a nice boost on a crappy day to catch it winking at me, reminding me that this time next week i won't care, and in the bigger picture an off day here and there isn't the end of the world.

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