4/365 - Meditation with a candle flame

Ok so i didn't REALLY meditate on this candle flame, but probably should have / do more of that! Mindfulness Meditation is something i really got into last year, combined with breathing and Tai Chi. An understanding of how the brain works, and that it is not the whole story as far as consciousness is concerned is a real help in everyday life, for someone like me, who's brain seems to work 24/7, and sometimes not in the most productive and positive ways!! Simple exercises like breathing and counting and allowing thoughts to float in and out of your mind, but without paying them any attention, are excruciatingly hard to do, but amazing in their effect. And the remembering to breath and create a gap between having an emotional reaction and a more thoughtful reaction, again is a simple tip, but something that can make the whole world of difference in the day to day world.

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