3/365 - Icelandic wool and thoughts on self worth...

While in Iceland i had been endlessly looking at the beautiful hand knitted woolens which are ubiquitous and so symbolic of the Icelandic people. They are not cheap, being hand knitted, and each one unique. I spent an hour or more in a variety of shops: looking, trying on, talking myself in, and out, of buying one. Why is it i feel like i don't "deserve" to spend a bit of hard earned cash on something i would really value? I find it easier to spend money on someone i love than i do on myself, which raises the obvious question. Luckily i was with someone who loves me, and insisted that when i found one i kept on trying on and stroking in a mildly obsessive way... i really should buy it, and so here it is, macro style. Each time i wear it, i do remind myself a la Loreal adverts "I am WORTH it!" 

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