56/365 Olympus Rocks!

My new camera (Olympus PEN EPL1) is turning out to be even MORE fabulous than its dashing good looks alone can describe! Due to the instruction manual coming with the camera being drier than a Mormans wedding reception to read (! i just made that up, i hope i don't have any Mormans reading in the US who will now be blacklisting my blog!......... I've weighed it up, its a risk i am prepared to take....) Where was I ? Oh yes camera instructions... so i bought the book recommended by the "community" in Amazon which is the size of a small bible (AGAIN with the religious mockery with me today, what's going on? Maybe because we are coming up to Easter? In which case i should be pro religion you would have thought, since i am getting a 4 day weekend!) Anyway... i will get to the point! The camera is far more awesome than i ever suspected, it has all the functionality and control of a DSLR with the compact and lightness of a 4:3 camera, the lenses are literally as light as a mobile phone, i have a 14 - 42mm zoom lens which is equivalent in 35mm terms to a 28 - 84mm, and a 40 - 150mm (equiv to 80 - 300mm) So i am covered for everything from wide to super zoom and the whole thing weighs the same as a hardback book! And finally the point of these pictures the quality is astounding! The top shot is already a crop from the full frame, i can't believe how sharp and detailed the daisy is, so i cropped in even closer and using my new found knowledge of how to work the camera to get the shot i wanted, i can see it has focused exactly where i wanted it to, on the front part of the yellow centre, that's got to only be about the size of a 5p piece and yet its so detailed! That's it really, i seem to have taken a really long winded route to writing all this, i might have a lay down now!! 

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  1. I think you are a good photographer in other words :o)