57/365 Tattoo thoughts

Started a dangerous train of thought today.. "hmm shall i get another tattoo?" That's a thought i am guessing most people have at some point in their life (ok not you Mum!) the dangerous part is that for me, that thought can be followed by action in under 24 hours! The last time i got "inked" i had got back from holiday with two girlfriends, and on the day we landed, they went home and chilled out before we all came back to work the next day. I had a "tattoo thought" and came into work the next day with a new one! I was going to stop thinking of what else i could get, i now have 3, and that should be enough! but the cliche about them being addictive is true, and i currently have 3 others in mind that may or may not ever come to fruition! So the photo is off course of one of them, as to where it is on my body, you can guess! And maybe the other 2 will make it into later posts, and maybe number 4 if i do get inked again! They are all in places that can be easily covered up, and in fact it's usually a surprise to people that i have any at all, let alone 3! I don't really look the "type" to have any. But then what is that type? I am also constantly amazed by people i thought would never have one, having a huge tattoo covering half their back for example! I am a terrible influence in encouraging people to get their first one too, and have been blamed as such by friends of friends and their family! But hey, life is too short to be put off by other peoples opinions of whether tattoos are "nice" or not, or indeed anything! 

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  1. Yes you played a major part in influencing me to get mine done! :o) Will we see another one before the Easter break is over I wonder???