58/365 Great start to the Easter Weekend

Lunch with my Mum here was delicious, at 12 noon every table was already taken and it was 26 degrees! It doesn't get much better than that! We then drove 10 minutes to Ashridge Woods to see the bluebells! I took 164 shots! A little bit of overkill but since reading the extended instructions for this camera, i am all of a dither about what settings to dial in now and spend twice as long faffing, and i am not 100% sure that the shots are any better than if i allow the camera to choose! Composition definitely played second fiddle today, and i had a mass delete once i had downloaded! Which just shows that photography is like all creative pursuits in my book, you need to learn enough to do what you want to do, then throw the rule book out and just feel it instead. (or this could just be because i hate rules!) We walked for about an hour amongst the bluebells, it was the most beautiful experience, even though there were probably 50 or more people there (25 of which were photographers!) it was quiet and serene and they smelt so fragrant (the bluebells that is, i didn't get close enough to the photographers to check...) It was just what i needed to recover from a week at work and the torture of e mail, if i was pretentious i would say my soul has been "rebalanced by the forces of nature" but since i am not (overly) I will just go for "it rocked" :)

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  1. Two perfect shots of the bluebells looks awesome :o)