60/365 "I can't get noooo satisfaction.... hey hey hey! That's what i say!"

Today i start with a question..... why can't every weekend be a four day weekend??? Day three today, and still one more to go, whooop! Today the BH (Better Half) and i met at a friends house in Chelsea to help move a HUGE piece of furniture, which unfortunately didn't escape going up two flights of very steep stairs with its glass shelves 100% intact... we then drowned our sorrows and overcame our hard work (well TBH my hard work was the occasional "oh dear that DOES look heavy, are you sure that glass isn't going to...." *crash*!!!) by having some drinks and a MIGHTY fine lunch at Rolling Stones guitarist Bill Wyman's Sticky Fingers restaurant in Kensington with the BH's friend and his sister! I almost literally couldn't walk i ate so much! and the BH got stumped by the largest rack of ribs i have ever seen on a plate, and actually had to leave some uneaten (unheard of!) YUM! On our journey back home we drove home alongside the river from Chiswick to Richmond and people were out tartan blankets aplenty, BBQ'ing and picnicking in their droves, you have to love the UK in the summer, we just don't hold back! I saw several attempts at British summer fashion, and some people that clearly thought just because they were lying down with their eyes closed, no one could see them... when in reality there wasn't much of them left that we couldn't see! TMI people. Speedo's if you MUST, are just for your own private time pleeeeeease :) This photo was a little outdoor setting created by a flower shop just outside Turnham Green tube station, and it looked so inviting, I just wanted to sit down and order an espresso and get a book out, only thwarted by the lack of book, and the fact it wasn't a cafe....... But still -  i liked their work, and the attention to detail. And now? Well i'm gearing up for more sunbathing in my garden, and looking askance (have to love that word!) at that damn grass seed to see if it is doing anything! (is this grass thing on the tipping point of an unhealthy obsession yet do you think??)

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  1. Sounds like a great day and give the grass seed time :o)