362/365 Snowdrifts, Seals, Fjords and Glacial Lagoons!

The start of today's drive was a bit "fruity" we had to get help to get dug out at one stage and had an "interesting" sliding moment near a cliff edge! We were glad to get back to lower ground, rain instead of snow and some clear roads!

The East Fjords are beautiful! And Rysz spotted this seal! We then went on to where I have SO been looking forward to going to. and you will recognise it from a Bond film and Tomb Raider 2 - its Jokularson, a glacial lagoon. As the huge Vatnajokull glacier melts as it moves towards the sea, pieces break off in this lagoon and drift slowly out into the sea, it was HUGE! Amazing and everything I hoped it would be and more!!

The volcanic black sand beach had caught a few crystal clear icebergs on their way out to sea. (Including a surf board size one as you will see!)

And we finished up for the night in a tiny little guesthouse at the foot of the glacier (below) along with a VERY random set of other adventurers! It was hilarious, and also a bit like The Shining! If I post tomorrow, we have survived the night!! :)

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