Photographic "rules" I like to break

A cardinal rule of photography is that lens flare must be avoided at all costs.... I have always had a thing about it though! Although owning lens hoods in various sizes, I very rarely use them. I like the random patterns and colours of light formed by the refraction in the camera lens, and rarely edit them out or try to avoid them. They also remind me of how it feels to actually stand in the sun and look at the scene as they are the same as the flashes of light you get in the corner of your eyes when you are (unwisely) looking at the sun askance :) I've played around with these in editing too to make them even more ethereal / alien landscape looking.

These were taken in Iceland, already good scope there for lunar landscapes with all the black sand, lava and white outs.

These two of course in Hawaii last month, the second one taken at 10,000 feet overlooking a volcanic crater.

And these last two in Crete, I love the dramatic effect of the low viewpoint plus silhouette at the Palace of Knossos. So there you have it! The number one photographic rule I like to break, I feel this could easily become a series... not that I am a rebel you know......erm......

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  1. Brilliant pictures and keep on breaking those rules :)