Simplicity: Work // Life Balance

Ahh the old Work Life Balance, so easy to say, so hard to achieve (well if you are me anyway) Ever since I have started work I have been one of those people that give their ALL to whatever job they have with varying degrees of appreciation and payback over the years. In the sales and retail jobs I started out with, with limited connectivity and technology, this was ok, 9 – 5, with a “hard stop” after that and at weekends, and a natural balance to both. Since joining the "hard core corporate" world 8 years ago, there was a huge shift, both for good and bad. For good in that I work for a company that rewards hard work both financially and in terms of recognition. For bad in that in I could actually and almost have worked 24/7 at this job at times! Because the pay off is so good, the temptation for someone who is already a workaholic and a “high achiever” is HUGE! I have been number one in my role twice in 3 years, and have become quite adept at holding up glassware on stage to clapping (see photo!) I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. Technology and connectivity means that everyone is to some extent “always on” these days though, more and more we all send and respond to work e mails in evenings and weekends.  And over the last few years in line with my increased work hours have increased the following: Migraines, IBS, neck pain and tiredness. And I began to notice that the top 3 people in the photos above (the “At work Jules” ) had split farther and farther away from the “Non work Jules “ (the bottom 2 photos)

Part of the reason for me starting this blog a year plus ago was to force myself into doing something creative outside work, and it started me on a journey of re discovering my own loveliness (to reference this post) I realised that spending your evenings and weekends sleeping and taking pain medication to get over the working week, ready to face it again on Monday, however much I might love my job was not ideal AT ALL! So although I have to fight the tendency to be the first / best / top / hardest working employee ever, I have learned that that sometimes means I am the most irritable / tired / ill friend / fiancĂ©e and daughter. And that there IS a balance. It’s not something I hit every time, in fact its probably more of a see saw than a balance, but I put strategies in place these days to make sure that I notice when I flip too much one way, and I know what to do to flip it back again :) Crucial in this are my key relationships who usually snap me out of Work Jules and make me have FUN instead! And also pushing myself to be creative which for me is mostly photography as you know :)

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