Road trip "up north"!

We had a very exciting trip planned this Saturday to drive up to North Wales to pick up some rare car parts (clearly you can see the influence of my fiancĂ© on trip planning here!) finishing off with a visit to some very dear friends and a huge curry! I decided to document the day, but kind of forgot after 6 hours of driving but here's 9am - 6pm for you :)

9am - Coffee time! Black for me and "white with one" for the fiancĂ©.

10am - Loading up and setting off! Check out our funky retro transit van!

11am - On the road, the weather was typical British Summer (i.e sun, rain and everything in between!) Snacking on Pizza and posing at our services stop :)

1pm - Endless traffic jams on the Motorway (M6 for anyone interested / UK based!) Meant I had plenty of opportunities to take some out the window shots of the the northern countryside as we headed up to North Wales for our first stop.

4pm - And then the weather REALLY kicked in!

4:30pm - Some details on the huge truck next to me!

4:30pm - And then some cows on their own day out!

5pm - Finally we pulled off the motorway, past some urban art and a sculpture of one of our Gold Medal winning Olympian Velodrome riders made of hay!

5:15pm - And arrival at our car parts and loading into the van! 

After this it was all about time with friends and a big Northern Curry and then the trip home! We finally got in at 2am on Sunday after 500miles and about 9.5 hours of driving! It was an adventure!

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  1. Who's the gorgeous girl in pic 5?! Can I marry her?!x