Hold on, where is 365? What's The Decisive Moment then?

:) Change is upon me! I promised I would be back! After a well earned rest from the blogosphere.... (during which I became an engaged lady!... see me, my man and the ring in the photos above!) - I am BACK! With a new twist on my mission to "Capture the beauty and truth in the everyday"! Despite the fun of 365 it's a) pretty rigorous and intense to have to post and create every day, and b) I am not sure it gave me the space and focus to push myself photographically. So the idea with The Decisive Moment is that I take longer to plan and execute a photo shoot, and show you a mini portfolio of shots, along with my interesting / illuminating / rambling / crazy (delete as required) commentary as I go! I toyed with the idea of setting topics in advance, but part of what I loved about last years 365 is that it ended up being a photographic diary of a year in my life, and also working in an intensely stressful goal driven job as I do, I don't really want to start on a "metric driven, continuously improving" personal life too! *wink* Also if you follow my on my other joint blog you will see that we set topics on that one already. So 365 has been renamed The Decisive Moment and is going to be a free form photographic blog of various subjects / semi autobiographical / diary recording of my life / world / thoughts and emotions... here we go!!!!

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  1. Welcome back The Blonde looking forward to 52 :)