I found this great post series on a new favourite blog today As Luck Would Have It via another new fav Gypsy in Jasper and spookily it resonates exactly with where I am at currently. I think it's a side effect of today's ever connected world that we feel like we should always be doing more, buying more, working more, going out more etc etc, the more you Twitter, Facebook and read and create blogs the more the lure of being "always on" steals every waking hour! But how much are we actually living in the midst of all this activity? Part of my ever growing love of photography is that it does make you stop and SEE what is all around you, makes you pay attention to the present moment and get out of your head and into your creative space more. I also think after 20 or so years of working full time in "nebulous" IT Service industry  / Sales type jobs that part of my soul is rebelling against corporate life and all its brainwashing, in search of a more REAL set of values and measures in my life. So I had been consciously and sub consciously working hard over the last 4 weeks or so to simplify across many areas in my life: Work, Clothes / Appearance, Health / Exercise, Relationships and so I found this project at the exact right time to stimulate me to continue, and also to document on here! So get ready for a little mini series :) And please join in, if you'd like a bit more space, peace and simplicity in your life too!

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