35/365 Wedding Memories: Drinks Reception & Photos!

I must admit I drew a huge sigh of relief once the ceremony was complete, I was so very scared of forgetting words / falling over etc! I was so nervous, and then so emotional! As soon as we were pronounced man and wife, I was SO happy and excited, every photo of me is with this HUGE wide grin, it was the best moment of my life!!! We then went outside into the courtyard to take some photos, we had a little rain shower while the ceremony happened (which I believe is supposed to be very good luck!) but as soon as we were ready to go outside the sun burst out and it was a beautiful sunny autumn day! We took all the traditional family line up shots, and then came back inside for some more informal ones. I love the love and laughter in every shot, and that everyone seems to be as happy as we are :)

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